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What is Royalty Free Music? – License Fee Against Use

What is Royalty Free Music
What is Royalty Free Music

What does royalty-free music mean? License-free does not always mean free. What exactly is behind it, I explain to you in the following article.


The term license free is a bit misleading. Can he lead to the conclusion that a song is “free” and therefore not subject to the current copyright. This in turn gives the impression that royalty songs are a kind of “fair game”. However, copyright law in Germany always applies from the time a spiritual work is created. The author of this work then enjoys certain rights, here an excerpt from the German copyright:


The authors of works of literature, science and art enjoy protection for their works in accordance with this law.

This results in the following rights for the author or composer:

(1) The author has the right to determine if and how his work should be published.

(2) The author reserves the right to publicly disclose or describe the content of his work, as long as neither the work nor the essential content or a description of the work is published with his consent.

Royalty Free Music
Royalty Free Music

What I mean by that is that the term “license-free” does not exist and it has become “naturalized”, so to speak. Actually one means with “license-free” rather “license-free”. If you are looking for “royalty-free music” as colloquial, you would like to pay a one-off license fee in the case and enjoy extensive usage options in return.

Royalty free. What is the situation in practice?

On my site I also offer royalty free music for royalty free music. Of course, you do not have to pay anything for my music. Rather, I interpret royalty-free music so that you can use my music for free – even for commercial purposes – the only condition (or “payment” in that sense) is that you always identify me as the author in your videos or projects.

Example Royalty Music

Here is an example: If you have finished a video, you call me in the credits of your video or in the YouTube video description. Here is a template:

Music of

Ronald Kah

Song: Horizon Teaser

Web: www.ronaldkah.de

All my songs are licensed under the Creative Commons license, which gives you as the listener and me as the author more transparency and thus a lot of advantages.

Free Music
Free Music

Questions about royalty-free music?

If you have questions about royalty-free music or royalty-free music in general, feel free to contact me via comments below. Thanks, so long!


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