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The Trailer Of The New Halloween

The New Halloween Trailer
The New Halloween Trailer

Since the beginning of the filming of the new Halloween, we are waiting for this moment! The trailer for the 11th installment of the franchise is FINALLY unveiled, pleasing fans worldwide.

Expected for Halloween, logically, the film will not only allow us to reconnect with one of the deadliest slashers of all time, but also with a Laurie Strode interpreted by Jamie Lee Curtis. Indeed, the scream queen has accepted to resume its role, 40 years after the original, she played in the first two components and the sequel Halloween H20: Twenty Years Later.

Unlike movies with Chucky, the doll owned by a serial killer, which become more and more ridiculous with time (albeit very entertaining), this new feature film promises to give us a real jitters. It must be said that Mike Myers is the second most prolific killer in the history of cinema: with 110 victims, he comes just behind Jason and his more than 300 murders. Fun fact!

The work of John Carpenter, who remains as executive producer, is this time entrusted to director David Gordon Green. We can see in particular Judy Greer, Virginia Gardner and Nick Castle, the latter in the role of the masked killer.


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