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NASA and SpaceX Together on Mars Project

NASA and SpaceX Mars

Nasa and SpaceX today are the most important space agencies in the world. These couple manage together the whole space center loading, launching and landing process. If we need to talk about the Mars, again, these couple still in a leader position in the space sector of the world.

NASA and SpaceX Getting Prepared for The Mars Launch

Nasa and SpaceX nowadays getting prepared for one of the most known event, Mars project. Humanity will jump to another planet and this couple company will manage this stressful process together. Who could imagine that the humankind would live in the Mars planet one day? However it has been a reality now and astronauts getting prepared for this tough mission.

NASA and SpaceX Mars Project

NASA and SpaceX in 2020 Mars Project

You agree or not, Mars project, today’s the most spoken matter and this does not look like change in a short period. Will we be a multiplanetary living kind? No one does not know the answer. However we have enough courage in order to see this dream. And who knows, what if it happens? Will the humankind be Martian? It sounds spectacular, isn’t it?


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