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Mitsou Recreates The Iconic Looks of His Hits 30 Years Later

Mitsou Recreates The Iconic Looks
Mitsou Recreates The Iconic Looks

Mitsou has never been so radiant! The host highlighted the 30th anniversary of her first album, El Mundo, which truly launched her career when she was only 17 years old. The mega hit Bye Bye My Cowboy then won all the Francophonie and the young Mitsou Gélinas, dressed in an eclectic mix of suede, a barely disguised bra and a hat that makes us drool over again to date, has finally become the icon of fashion and music that we know today.

It was in a special photo shoot shared on her blog that the artist reproduced the legendary looks from her early beginnings, ranging from the playful cover of El Mundo with ice cream cone or an elegant exploration of her music video. Tell me, tell me, who struck the spirits at the time. Not to mention, obviously, his cheeky look in Bye Bye My Cowboy…

In a text entitled No change, accompanying the photo shoot, the singer took stock of how far she has come since her dazzling debut on the music scene. What remains of her elusiveness, her youthful passion that pushed her to create this image fits perfectly with the times?

“What’s left of me at 17? My creativity and my vision that I still exercise every day. Whether in production meeting to imagine a new project, a new adventure or writing here for my magazine, I constantly create. I enjoy photographing subjects or even filming videos to illustrate a subject. My adrenaline, I get it in daily dose on the radio where I live for 17 years. The projects change, but the signature remains. A bit like when you’re a child and trying to create your own with a pencil, lying on a paper. We imagine what we would like to become as an adult. There are lines in this barbot, a direction that may follow us forever.”

Mitsou did not always have tender words about the young woman she could be. Earlier this year, the presenter was keen to rectify some of the comments she made about her early days when she appeared on the show La vraie nature.

Certainly, the hardcore fans that we are can only rejoice to see such a tribute to this pivotal time for this woman we love. Mitsou is as radiant today as she was at 17!

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