Home Hollywood News Mirianne Brûlé Has Found Love Again!

Mirianne Brûlé Has Found Love Again!

Mirianne Brûlé Has Found Love Again
Mirianne Brûlé Has Found Love Again

Nothing can be compared to the heartbreak that we felt when the news of the break between Mirianne Brûlé and Jason Roy-Léveillée finally came out. The light then came out of our lives, and since then we wandered aimlessly through the new couples who were forming without really really experiencing it. But now, the hope has come up again, since Mirianne Brûlé has announced the most wonderful news on her Instagram account: the talented actress has found love!

“And sometimes, when you least expect it, life simply sends you the right person to hold your hand at the right time. Leo.”

The actress, who will have the chance to see in the second season of Horse-Snake, also accompanied his photo of the #MonArgentinAuCosta. According to our sources, the Leo in question is a cook living in Costa Rica. Is not it a little dream? The actress had spoiled us a mini Ramdam meeting with Mariloup Wolfe under the same sun, a few months ago!

This news really fills us with joy and we wish Mirianne a lot of happiness, love and many more beaches with her sweet Leo!


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