Home Hollywood News “MeToo” gets Sly under investigation against Sylvester Stallone

“MeToo” gets Sly under investigation against Sylvester Stallone

investigation against Sylvester Stallone
investigation against Sylvester Stallone

He denies the allegations vehemently. But now actually determined the prosecutor against Sylvester Stallone for alleged sexual assault. Specifically, it is about the case of a woman who accused him of rape in the 90s.

At the height of the “MeToo” debate at the end of last year, abuse allegations against Sylvester Stallone also became loud. Now the allegations catch up with the cast of “Rocky” and “Rambo” again. The prosecution in Los Angeles is considering the allegations against the actor. This was confirmed by a spokesman for the authority.

The focus is on the case of a woman who claims that Stallone raped her at a meeting in his office at the beginning of the 90s. The actor vehemently denied the allegations made by his lawyer. The alleged victim is merely seeking public attention.

A little while before, another woman had already made serious allegations against Sly. She said that Stallone (then 40) and his bodyguard Mike De Luca (then 27) had sexually abused her as a mere 16-year-old on the sidelines of filming the movie “Over The Top” in 1986. As the Daily Mail reported, the actor and the bodyguard reportedly even threatened the teenager at the time when something was going to be publicized about the incident.

Backing by Nielsen

This presentation also rejected Stallone decidedly. It was a “ridiculous and categorically wrong story”. He was backed by Brigitte Nielsen, who was married to him in 1986 at the time in question. She and Stallone were inseparable back then, said the Danish-born. That it came to the described incident on the film set, was excluded.

How long the investigation against Stallone would now take, he could not say, said the spokesman for the prosecutor in Los Angeles. It is also unclear whether the encroachment – if it should ever have taken place – is now time barred.


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