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Mathematician Cracked the Lotto Code – His All Secrets

NSW Lotteries
NSW Lotteries

By using some methods and created a unique formula, he won more than $400.000 last Saturday. We reviewed the matter for you. Let’s take a look that clever man how he does it. Our “mathematician cracked the Lotto code” named article below.

There is a man that won the lotto prize seven times. The lucky man, who does not give his name, has pocketed more than $400.000 in Saturday lotto draw after jackpot.

He has six successful trying but last one was the biggest one. His total money prize is $421,753.52.

Mathematician cracked the Lotto code- He revealed the secret

After the news, he has explained his methods and secrets for people. Mathematician cracked the Lotto code with his special method. You can see now the method. Let’s listen the details from lucky man.

Mathematician Cracked the Lotto Code
Mathematician Cracked the Lotto Code

He said that; “ I make some mathematics and create mathematical formulas to catch the lucky numbers.”

“ I heard on the radio years ago that some numbers come out more than others, so I have a spreadsheet that helps me even those out. It helps me spread the combination of numbers I choose.”

“So I just chose the numbers based on the data I had.”

We saw that last May month, there was a woman who also have “special numbers” and she got 2 lucky tickets. Her total prize was 9.6 million. Yes, that is unbelievable but true. Who knows maybe that is true and we should save the old lotto numbers. It looks like that they will work soon again! Good luck on lotto, so long!


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