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Learn Songwriting – Tips & Tricks for Your Song

Learn Songwriting
Learn Songwriting

Adele wrote her Oscar-winning song “Skyfall” allegedly in ten minutes and Beyoncé is said to have needed only 20 minutes for her hit “Single Ladies”. Inspiration is an important factor in songwriting – but not everything. Even writer’s blocks, lack of ideas or long writing processes are no reason to give up.

Find ideas and inspiration

But how do you find inspiration for your own song and what tricks are there? The beginning is often the hardest. First, think about what topic or event you want to write about, or how to find a name for a new song. Dividing your work process into small steps reduces the pressure and leaves more room for inspiration. For example, write down ten possible song titles or think of a short, memorable melody sequence. Then you build the rest of the song. Songwriters and composers also find inspiration in other musicians. Listen carefully to songs that you like and even learn to play them yourself. For example, examine which chord progression is used in the song or how the song is constructed. Then build your own song on selected elements and structures.

Song structure and composition

A song usually consists of the following elements. Once an intro, then the verse, the chorus and an outro. So think about structure in your song to bring and to pay attention to an attractive arrangement. Generating tension should be the primary goal for the listener to hear the song until the end. Of course, this tension should not fizzle at the beginning, so you should save the finale until the end.

Conclusion: learn songwriting
Conclusion: learn songwriting

Check quality and question self-written

Every author needs the ability to self-criticize, explains the portal www.buchschreiben.com. This not only applies to writers, but also to songwriters. Anyone who writes a melody and / or lyrics should question them critically: What kind of feeling does the song trigger while listening? Do lyrics and melody fit together in terms of content and style? Does the song match your quality standards? If the result is not satisfactory, continue writing. You can, for example, experiment with changing rhyme schemes or note values ​​to build up suspense and make a song more varied. So you can surprise the listener with unexpected elements.

Conclusion: learn songwriting

1-Write about an event that moves you

2-Build a tension

3-Learn from songs that have shaped you

4-Criticize your own work

5-Use song elements that will surprise your listeners

I hope you liked this little overview about songwriting? If you would like to learn more about composing, I recommend you to read my extensive article “Writing Your Own Lyrics“.


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