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Katy Perry is Different Now With Her New Hair

Katy Perry is Different Now
Katy Perry is Different Now

Cologne The American superstar Katy Perry gave a concert in front of 14,000 fans in the Cologne Lanxess Arena. The remarkable, approximately two-hour evening was further evidence that pop is becoming more political.

The first minutes of the concert immediately make it clear that there is something going on here: The stage, which has just adorned a huge eye, gives a view of space. Planets are born on a big wall, everything changes: revolution in infinity. Images of the incarnations of Katy Perry flicker up, colorful views of the singer from the past ten years.

“Life is an act of rebellion,” orakelt a sinister voice, and: “The only way to live well, is to live freely.” Then there is a bang, and it floats out of thick fog, in a thunderstorm powerful beats and immense bass on their own star. Katy Perry wears her hair very short and very blue. She wears a golden suit, looks determined and makes it clear: “I’m different.”

The 33-year-old American appears in front of 14,000 fans in the Cologne Lanxess Arena. She is the person with the most Twitter followers in the world (109.6 million) and she is among the five most successful female solo performers alongside Taylor Swift, Rihanna, Adele and Beyoncé. This is the hardest discipline in pop. Perry has always been the funny friend here: a bit silly, a bit crazy and with a penchant for pink foam, tulle, frosting and ruffles.

She was not attached to any ideology, she was not provocative, she just had a good mood and wanted fun. Above all, pop was an ecstatic experience, the total exuberance. Aerobics instead of artistry. The success was enormous: Five singles from their album “Teenage Dream” reached number one on the US charts, which was previously only Michael Jackson succeeded.

Katy Perry New Hairstyle
Katy Perry New Hairstyle

Perry Plays Her Mega Hits in Cologne Early

On this remarkable evening in Cologne Perry summarizes her mega hits early in a block. It seems she wants to get rid of them so they do not get in the way. She plays “California Gurls”, “Hot And Cold” and “Last Friday Night” with enormous effort. In general, the stage production is worthy of the Champions League: every new background is an Instagram hit.

She changes her clothes five times, lets pink flamingos dance and donuts fly. When the viewer form white dots on the retina, because everything is so bright and bright. And to “I Kissed A Girl” from 2008, she disappears in an oversized kiss. But she also makes it clear that this is all history. In six acts, the appearance is divided, and this is called “retrospective”. Much more important, it works, is their “manifesto”, “instrospective” and “emergence”. The songs are playing in this day and age, and it’s a lot darker.

In 2016 there was a break in her career. Katy Perry had engaged in the election campaign for the US presidency for Hillary Clinton. When the Democrat surprisingly lost to Donald Trump, everything changed. Perry cut her hair, discovered misogynistic tendencies in her old songs, did a therapy and could not believe it all. In any case, she no longer wanted to deliver the soundtrack to an evening at the Beach Bar, but “purposeful pop,” as she puts it: determined and purposeful music.

The third song of this concert documents what she means: the great “Chained To The Rhythm” begins with the line “Are we crazy?”. Perry implies that we all live in our bubble, trapped behind imaginary white garden fences. That’s dangerous, she urges, and rhymes “trouble” on “bubble”. In addition, she lets dolls dance, reminiscent of “The Wall” by Pink Floyd: instead of heads, they carry televisions between their shoulders.


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