Home Hollywood News James Van Der Beek is Daddy again!

James Van Der Beek is Daddy again!

James Van Der Beek is a dad again
James Van Der Beek is a dad again

God was visibly with James Van Der Beek and his family today!

The actor of Brothers Scott and Dawson received the best gift today for Father’s Day: a fifth child with his wife Kimberly Brook!

Eh yes! The 41-year-old dad will know for the fifth time the joys of diaper changes!

It is the latter who has announced the good news on his Instagram account, where we can see his four children, his wife and his newborn, the little Gwendolyn, in the arms of each, thus testifying to all his love for his big family:

“Delighted to announce that we welcomed a new baby girl into the world on Friday morning, just in time for Father’s Day! Oh, and Kimberly Brook – you’re a rockstar goddess of the Earth and I’m just as impressed by you as I’m in love with the person you are. Happy Father’s Day everyone. ”

James Van Der Beek is Daddy
James Van Der Beek is Daddy

James took advantage of this birth to educate the public about government treatment, which separates children from their parents on US borders:

“As I write this, children are ripped off the arms of their parents. By our government. For the benefit of the child? No – the opposite – as a deliberate manifestation of cruelty to deter illegal immigrants and legal asylum seekers (this happens to both). And it would not be honest to poetically wax on my new baby’s happiness without speaking out against this atrocity. ”

People magazine confirmed that the little princess was born on June 15 in the morning, and was born thanks to a doctor and a midwife, as well as three other brothers and sisters.

Gwendolyn adds to the already formed quartet of Emilia (2 years), Annabel Leah (4 years), Joshua (6 years) and Olivia (7 years).

The Van Der Beek had announced the birth of a new little treasure last February, when the beautiful Kimberly had shared a cliché on which the four children of the couple had their hand on the baby bump of their mother.


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