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How To Produce A Film With Whole Details?

How To Produce A Film With Whole Details
How To Produce A Film With Whole Details

This process generally occures from 3 stages. These are pre production, production and post production. Let’s take a look how to produce a film together below.

Development Process

The first stage of film production is to find an idea and develop it. First of all, we have to own an idea. What kind of film do you make or how you do it. The answers of this questions will shape the project and maybe it will provide you to find financing and producer.

You have a great idea and you think that “This subject is never been a film. I can turn this idea to an awesome movie”. That’s perfect. Then you should improve this idea. To do this, you have to share the job with someones. You have to think about your author, producer and director directly. Even maybe you can be all of them, why not.

How To Produce A Film Whole Details
How To Produce A Film Whole Details

How To Produce A Film In 3 Steps?

1-) Pre-Production

In the pre-production phase, you should choose the players you think you are going to play in your movie and when you decided, you need to make an agreement with actors. Secondly, you should decide the places that your film will be made. And then create your storyboard. Prepare it stage by stage, plan by plan and state it on your mind exactly. The another issue to solve is equipment list. You should specify the view, sound and light equipments as well. You need to specify also in which stage you will need which equipments, you should make a list of these. You should prepare your shooting program and call sheets. Additionally, you should transmit these to cast, this is very important as well. Provide that everybody is ready just in time.

2-) Production

Let’s come to most important step of film making: production. In this step, plans and scenes is shooted according to prepared program. Production step is a period which many teams need to work integrated and the distribution of tasks must be close to perfection. Even if the image, light and sound are perfect, time is very important at this stage. The fact that, in a good team, the regie team is doing its job well, the artistic teams are experienced and fast, also the production is fully prepared. These steps are important to jump the shooting process without headache.

In a normal shooting day, team and cast come to film set just in time. While the light, image and sound teams setting up the equipments, players are sent to costume, hair and make up sections. Director passes over the plan with director of photography. They talk about how they will shoot the scenes and plans. Cast come to set and director and co director gives the roles to actors. They tell them how they should make role in the spesific scenes. And next step starts like that:

How To Produce A Film In The Set And After?

Co director: Silence!
Director of photography: Image is monitorized!
Sound team: Sound is recorded!
Director: Play! or Stop!

3-) Post Production

The post production process is a step that you need to deliver the whole footages to mounter(film editor), colorist and sound expert(mixer). Of course nowadays, it is preferred to work generally with post-production companies. In the post production process of fim making, the director must also be able to join this process. It is needed to decide with director to dominant color of film, length of the plans, the musics be used and sound effects. Even in this process, the producer is involved most of time to process. The rhythm of film and the emotion that movie gives will show up in this process. In fact, the bad scenes of film is fixed as much as do or it is removed from film. That’s why post production process is very important. The director may shoot the same plan until he find the desired emotion. This circumstance is little bit annoying for the set team and it is a time and money losing for producer. That’s why, in every time, all team and actors have to do their job close to perfect.

Today we tried to talk about how to produce a film with general details. Hope we could help you in the least. Take care of yourself, so long.


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