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How To Make A Viral Video?

How To Make A Viral Video
How To Make A Viral Video

It’s viral, mysterious and everyone is looking for it. Due to the spread like virus, the content took the name “Viral”. We have searched for you how the success of the viral content reaching to more people together with the increase of the popularity of the internet has been achieved.

In the viral areas where the emphasis is placed on the art department rather than the technical part of the work, ecoplaces are prepared that catch the human emotion from the consumers as a shopping robot. But of course there are also parts of the viruses that are explained in technical terms.

Let’s take look at the technical and artistic aspects of viral videos below:

Technical Information About Viral Videos

According to the most studied viral videos, these viral viral elements are as follows;

How To Make Viral Video On Youtube?

1. Duration: No matter how funny or how emotional the videos can be, there can be a lot of distractions in the audience after a certain period of time, and therefore not being able to adapt. That’s why 60 percent of viral videos come in 3 minutes or less.

2. Ironic: Social themes, sections from everyday life, that is to say in a fun, emotional, astonishing way through the irony of situations that we often encounter in society is one of the keys to being among the most watched … 90% of selected videos have these features.

3. Title length: Short titles allow video to keep its mystery in part while giving information about the content. 75 percent of the selected video titles are 3 or fewer words.

4. Being able to laugh: While everyday life is stressed enough, of course the most preferred videos are laughing videos. 30 percent of the selected viruses are described as funny videos.

How To Make Viral Content
How To Make Viral Content

How To Make Viral Content?

5. Talent: The most watched viral videos have a 30% slant, singing, dancing or exhibiting different performances …

6. Musical quality: Selected videos often make the videos unbearable and can be watched over and over again. It is very important to choose the appropriate music for the situation in the video. 60 percent of the most watched viral videos are affected by music.

7. Who does not like surprises? Unexpected moments, unexpected behaviors in videos are fueling the desire to watch the video’s tempo protection and even speed up the tempo. That said, 50 percent of the videos contain surprises.

How To Make Viral Videos Successful?

8. Youth mass: 35% of the viral videos appear to be played by people under 18 years of age. In fact, 20 percent of viral videos consist of videos that have a group under 10 years old.

Jonah Berger, one of New York Times bestseller list writers, said, “We do not listen to advertisements; “We are listening to our social connections.” and he adds. “These links bring much more than stereotypical advertising.” Perhaps the most important reason why the advertising industry is turning to the virus all over the world…

Today we tried to give some examples about how to make viral video. Hope you create a huge viral video that spread out all around the world. Stay with videos, so long!


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