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How to Make a Short Movie Perfectly?

Short Movie Perfectly
Short Movie Perfectly

Shooting Secrets: 10 Tips For Your Own Film

If you want to shoot your own short film, you should plan carefully first and leave nothing to chance. But in addition to good pre-production, there is much more that you should pay attention to for your own movie.

That’s why there are 10 valuable tips and advice to shoot a high-quality (short) film.

1. Turn Short Films – The Story

First up is the story of your movie. It determines the success or failure of your work. Anyone who saves here at work risks a quick disinterest of viewers. So you should ask yourself if you would want to see the movie yourself if someone else did it. If this is not the case, you should definitely revise the story.

The first step of any movie is to develop an exciting movie idea and work on it until the dramaturgy of the story is round and it can become a good movie. It’s best to check your story by making it readable to other people and taking their criticism seriously. If the story convinces you have taken the most important step.

How to Make a Short Movie
How to Make a Short Movie

2. The Implementation – How to Tell a Story

The realization of a film is the kind and whiteness of how a story is told. This step should be carefully planned to give the story its own narrative style. The own narrative makes a film to something special, because there are countless ways to film a story.

By the way, filming, lighting, sound and camera work are also part of the realization. With these elements, you bring your story to life and therefore should be planned here in detail and anticipatory. And that leads us to Tip 3.

How to Make a Short Movie With All Details?

3. Without plan, nothing works

Planning is the alpha and omega for a good shoot. Even if you have a good script, you should plan the entire process before the actual shooting begins. The best way to do this is to have schedules with location and time information, equipment lists and task distribution for the contributors. Also transport, catering and construction and dismantling should be planned and organized beforehand. This makes it possible to work faster and, above all, more effectively without spontaneous problems.

4. Work together with motivated people

Nothing is worse working with a team, which does not take the work on the film seriously and only hopes for the next break. So you should think carefully about who you want to work with first. In addition, you should keep your team rather small than big. The reason: With few motivated people you have a better overview, works more effectively and motivates each other so. And with better motivation on the set you also get better results.

How to Make a Short Movie Perfectly
How to Make a Short Movie Perfectly

5. Always plan some money

Also, if you’re planning on making a no-budget movie, you should always plan for some money. This mostly goes for food, travel expenses, utility bills or equipment. Even with professional films, films under $ 10,000 are still called no-budget and that’s a lot of money. For this reason, you should calculate beforehand and not start shooting without budget. Otherwise, there is a risk that you pay a lot of money or the film is not finished.

One way to get some money is to make predictable savings or a team fund, into which each person pays a small amount each month.

How to Make a Short Movie?- All Secrets

6. Get involved with the technique

Technical understanding is just as important in the film as a good dramaturgy and an exciting story. For this reason, it is very important to know and operate your own technology. Nobody wants to see a movie with auto focus or poor exposure.

Especially in the field of “camera” many newcomers know nothing about the terms aperture, shutter speed, gain, shutter or white balance. But these functions are essential to be able to operate the camera just as you need it for the film. The same applies to miking, sound mixer and light. Those who master the technology can work more purposefully, safely and consciously.

7. Pay attention to the basic rules of (pictorial) design

Especially during the filming it is important to know the basic rules of design. Above all, this does not include zooming, not much panning or filming out of hand. There are only exceptions if they benefit consciously and planned implementation. Even good sound is often neglected. Especially beginners make these mistakes more often and thus ensure unprofessional acting recordings.

In order to prevent this, one should first inform oneself about design material and use it deliberately and purposefully. Through good design, the film looks more professional and gets better.


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