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He Steals The Identity Of an 8-Year-Old Boy Who Died in 1945

Joseph Newton Chandler III
Joseph Newton Chandler III

The suicide of a man in 2002 led the investigators to open an investigation full of mysteries. Sixteen years later, the police now know a little more about the fascinating history of Joseph Newton Chandler III.

Joseph Newton Chandler III was found dead in his apartment in Eastlake, Ohio, in 2002. As the man who committed suicide left $ 82,000 in his bank account, the investigators wanted to find his heirs.

It was then that the police discovered that Joseph Newton Chandler III had stolen the identity of an 8-year-old boy who died in 1945 in a car accident with his parents in Oklahoma.

The police took years to understand how Chandler could have stolen the identity of this boy.

Authorities revealed on Thursday that the real name of the man was Robert Ivan Nichols and that he was a World War II veteran, according to CNN.

As the body of the man was decomposed when it was found, it is thanks to a DNA test that the specialists could find his true identity by linking him to his biological son.

Although this mysterious investigation has made much progress for more than 15 years, investigators are still trying to understand why the man suddenly changed his identity.

Robert Ivan Nichols reportedly left his wife and three children in Oklahoma to hide in Ohio in 1964. But after a year, no one had heard of him.

Even in death, Robert Ivan Nichols did not want to be found. “Without note, without anything. He had closed all the doors, locked all the doors, closed the air conditioning. He did not want to be found, even in death, “said investigator Pete Elliott.

The police found a bag in the man’s apartment, “as if he was still fleeing”. “It’s like he’s always ready to go. But what was he hiding, we do not know, “said Elliott.

The authorities hope that the release of this new information will allow someone to bring the missing answers in this case.


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