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Film Music Production Details

Film Music Production Details
Film Music Production Details

How to do film music? What about that let’s answer this question together. Think like you are Hans Zimmer and you are working with Christopher Nolan in the Interstellar project. Starring is Matthew McConaughey, then you should think like Matthew little bit and you have to create and amazing soundtrack for this movie.

Film Music Production and Tips From Interstellar

Subject is space and family, people and humanity. You have to save the world but you have a family. You have young children, one kid and a girl. An emotional and clever girl with a teenager boy. You will fly to space and never come back. Dangerous adventures await you in the space.

You are in a very emotional and hard circumstance and don’t want to go. But you have to go. Girl cries, cries so much. But you have to leave the home. And be Hans Zimmer now. You have increase the volume of thrill and emotions. You need a so much powerful piano. Which instrument you can use? Yes, you will use organ. A church organ. You will create your soundtrack in a church. Here you see. Thinking like Hans Zimmer is this. You have to feel the emotions, you have to cry. You must to leave the home when the time came. You have the leave  the world. And even, you have to leave the solar system. You should think like your lifetime is end. However you should think like you are genius. You can do everything you want. Just think it and focus. If you focus on enough, you can even get over the black hole and wormhole. Yes, there is a hope, there is a salvation hope.

Film Music Production’s Unknown Sides

Raise the music yes, push the organ’s buttons hard and harder. Leave the space ship and dive the black hole! For the future, for the life, for the family, for the humanity! You should cry when you see your girl in the 5D time tunnel. You may collapse in sobs. You have to save her! And listen this:

Do not go gentle into that goog night,
Old age should burn and rave at close of day;
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

How to do soundtrack? Soundtrack is made with emotion. How to do soundtrack? It is made with technical music information most of time but actually you do not need datas and detailed spesific music notes. If you feel the movie in your deepest points, I think you will create the next famous Hollywood film music. Believe yourself and feel the music. Enter in the notes. Enter in the movie. Today we talked about film music production and soundtrack. Thanks for your time. So long!


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