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Best Websites for Filmmakers – Free Sites

Best Websites for Filmmakers Free Sites
Best Websites for Filmmakers Free Sites

41 links for filmmakers [article series]

If you look for information on the Internet, you often face a big problem: The mass of possible websites is seemingly limitless and often you first have to get an overview.

The solution: Link collections. So you have the most important pages always at hand and do not always have to re-search.

41 Links for Filmmakers” is a 4-part series of articles (link collection) on filmmaking. In this series you will find the best web site links from the categories Music, Pictures, Footage, Know-How, Forums & Movie Communities.

Best Websites for Filmmakers – Royalty Free

Part 1: Download GEMA-free music for free and at low prices

GEMA-free music is needed more and more nowadays: Whether for a movie, a YouTube video or a sound design. Because who wants to use legal music, always needs a license and the GEMA is priceless for many.

In the first part of the article series, there are our top best providers for free and cheap royalty-free music.

Part 2: Royalty free and free photos, pictures and graphics

Royalty and free photos are needed now and everywhere. However, those who simply use the Internet should be careful: Often the images are licensed and can then cause high costs.

To prevent this, there are the top links for royalty-free and free photos.

Part 3: Websites for Free and Cheap Stock Video Footage

Free and royalty-free stock footage videos are needed more and more nowadays. But anyone who simply uses videos from the Internet should be careful: in many cases, the videos are licensed or copyrighted.

In this article, there are my personal top websites for free and cheap stock video footage.

Part 4: Free software for editing videos

Free video software is becoming more and more popular these days: whether editing video, sound design, or writing scripts – for most video and film work, there are plenty of open source tools to use.

In the fourth part of the article series, there are top links best free video software for easy video editing!


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